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The Pass
Electric Blue
Star Tree - Ditchling Beacon
Searching the Universe
Newhaven Harbour
Dance with The Monolith
Lost in the Drift
Yellow light
Witch Moon Rising
Aira Force Pools - Lake District
Water Way to View the Sea
Autumn Leaf
Under Cliff Rock Groyne
The Falls
The Eclipse will be Televised
Sunset Beach
Sunset Newhaven Pier
Storm Watch
The Drift
Orange Moon II
Luna Lollipop
Mono Dew Pond
Luna Water
Hot Pipes - West Sussex
Hawes Water, The Lake District Cumbria
Hard & Soft Water
Firle Beacon - Sussex
Ethereal Dreams
Ditchling Beacon Nature Reserve
Ditchling Beacon - Flock
Storm Doris - Brighton Marina
The Tower
Farming - Sussex
Miniature Garden
Ditchling Beacon - Weald
West Beach - Littlehampton
Slow Down - Newhaven Harbour
Fields of Dreams
Night sky - Falmer Church
Dew Pond Tree - Ditchling Beacon
Atmos - Fear
Breakwater Landing
Rock Pools - Birling Gap
Raining Stars - Birling Gap
Autumn Windmill - Lewes
Autumn Leaves
Rocks and Water
Shadow Man - Brighton Beach
Sunset Dew Pond
Cloud City - Brighton Beach
The Ruin - West Pier Brighton
Wave Surge
Gull Point Fishing Boat
Fallen Tree at the Fort
Rampion Wind Farm
Sunrise Tree
Reach for the wash
Lightening Tree
Mars Rising
Chocolate Latte
Purple Haze
La Luna
Glynde Wind Turbine - Lewes
Sunset Splash
Pink Moon - Ashcombe Windmill
Sunset - Ashcombe Windmill
The Expanse
Malling Down - Moonrise
Sunset - Malling Down
Rape Seed Fields of Lewes
Sunset Sheep Southerham - Lewes
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